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Posted by on in DMT Outreach

Hello, this is Dennis and I have one last post about Oaxaca and the island before our summer begins. We went back to the island this past week to have another special service. Roger & Dale (Dale Achey, Open Heart Ministry – Reynosa, MX) flew into Puebla and took a bus to Tierra Blanca, Veracruz where we picked them up. From there we headed to the island. Meanwhile Pascual & Areli had a guy in Tuxtepec make us a big metal sign for the church on the island. We all joined up on the island on Monday, May 15 and we put up the sign. The guy did a fantastic job painting it. It has the name of the church in Mazateco and Spanish and you can see that in the pictures. The name translates to “The Voice That Calls Out” or “Cries Out” and it comes from Matthew 3:3 (The voice of one calling in the wilderness). We had a special church service that afternoon and we dedicated the church. Afterward we had another tamale feast. The next day we went up to the top of the mountain to have our usual Tuesday afternoon service up there at Javier’s house. While we were up there we also bought another property and we are going to start construction on another church. Our church congregation up there has been growing faster than the one down below and God opened a door for this very quickly.



     After all that, on Wednesday we all left the island and started our trek back north. Right now we are all in Doctor Arroyo getting ready for our first summer mission team coming next Saturday. I will continue posting photos & newsletters on our DMT & Doctor Arroyo Facebook pages, but I’m going to let Arely take care of the island one for now, since we’re not there for a while. We will be back down there at the end of July with our final mission team for this summer from Seattle, WA and I will post about that on the island page, but until then it’ll be Arely.


     Thanks for following us here and remember you can see more pictures and newsletters on our Facebook pages at Dayspring Outreach Ministries; Dayspring Missionary Training; Isla Soyaltepec Dayspring Mission; Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo. Also, don’t forget David & Cristina at the orphanage. Cristina posts newsletters and pictures pretty often on the Dayspring orphanage Facebook page and you can check that out at Casa Dayspring.

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     Greetings again to y’all out there. This is Dennis and it’s been a while since my last post here. When I left off last time my family and I were at Pastor Pascual’s house in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec, Oaxaca waiting for the others to get back from their 3 day youth camp. They all made it back alive and we all went back to the island for our Monday and Tuesday church services there. After that it was time to head north again. Javier & Honoria stayed on the island, Pascual & Areli went back to their house and the rest of us hit the road north to Veracruz. In Veracruz Nelly & Laurita went to their homes for some time off. My family and I went to Texas briefly. On our way we stopped in La Haciendita and visited Pastor Manuel. I had the finalized papers for the island property for him to sign and then send on to register the island church (Manuel is the President of our Pastor’s Association, El Camino de La Biblia). So, it’s a done deal. The island property is legally owned by our Pastor’s Association and the church is officially registered with them, which is a big relief since it’s been 9 years trying to get this done. From Texas we came back to Doctor Arroyo for a few days, then we headed back to Veracruz.


     Our plan since February has been to try to allow some time in April to visit some of our churches in Veracruz and Hidalgo, since there’s no DMT school this year and this will be the only chance to visit many of them until next year when we come back on outreach with our DMT students (Dayspring Missionary Training). Also, we have two kids having birthdays during this time and we want to do those with their grandparents here in Veracruz. Katia’s 8th birthday was April 27. We were in Doctor Arroyo that day and we had some cake with everyone there, but we had her party here in Veraruz on April 30, which also happened to be Dia de Niño (Children’s Day) here in Mexico. We had a special church service here in Paso de Piedras (Elda’s home). About 4 other church congregations came (Platon Sanchez, La Crinolina, La Palma & Paisabel) and together with the people here we had quite a few. Laurita preached a message about the faith of children and then we let the kids destroy a couple piñatas. We had ceviche (it’s like a fish cocktail) and barbacoa (pork cooked underground), then cake, candy, presents, etc. It was a pretty big day.


     We brought Ashlynn, Stephanie & Yared with us from Doctor Arroyo, Roger wanted to give them a change of scenery for a few weeks before we get started on our summer mission teams in Doctor Arroyo. Yared ended up with chicken pox here and she was pretty miserable, so we sent all three of them on down to Oaxaca on a bus. She just wanted to go home to Oaxaca and ride it out, so off they went, but not before Ashlynn got to preach in Paisabal on Tuesday. Right now we’re here in Veracruz going to church services with Pastor Chilo (that’s Elda’s Dad). On Monday (May 8) Danny turns 3, so we’re gonna have another birthday party for him. Then we’re heading back to Oaxaca ourselves, this time Elda’s Mom & Dad are coming with us. Roger & Dale (Dale Achey, Open Heart Ministry, Reynosa) are flying down to meet us and on Monday, May 15 we are having a special service on the island to dedicate & name the church. Pascual & Javier are working on a sign to put up with the name of the church on it in Mazateco & Spanish (I’ll tell you the name and show pictures on my next post, haha). After all that we will start working our way back north to Doctor Arroyo for the summer.


     OK, I’m going to get this posted. Thanks for following us here and remember you can see more pictures and newsletters on our Facebook pages at Dayspring Outreach Ministries; Dayspring Missionary Training; Isla Soyaltepec Dayspring Mission; Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo. Also, don’t forget David & Cristina at the orphanage. Cristina posts newsletters and pictures pretty often on the Dayspring orphanage Facebook page and you can check that out at Casa Dayspring.

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Hi, this is Dennis and I wanted to get up some pictures of this past week. We came back from Mexico City in time to get back to the island for the Monday service. We came on the boat on Monday with Pascual & Areli and we had a 5:00PM church service in the church on the Dayspring property. We are having our church services at 5:00PM now, after the time changed. Tuesday was a long day. We went visiting some neighbors in the morning. After lunch we got Tano to take us to another island called Isla Agua Escondida (Hidden Water Island). We used to have some ministry there years ago and we wanted to look for our friends there and see what’s going on with them these days. We visited two families and they were both happy to see us. The first family we visited are attending church now in San Pedro Ixcatlan, on the mainland. We visited with them for a while and then prayed with them. Then we walked kind of far to Luis’ house. We did the same thing there. Luis and his family are interested in coming back to our church and he said they would come over for our service next Monday. We came back to Isla Soyaltepec with barely enough time to make the climb up to Javier’s house for the 5:00PM service there.

     On Wednesday Laurita, Nelly, Areli, Javier & Honoria all left with Pascual to go back to Chiltepec. The next day they all went to a youth camp. I’m not even sure where it is, but it’s a three day deal. My family and I came to Pascual’s house in Chiltepec yesterday and tonight everyone gets back from the youth camp. It was holy week here in Mexico this week. They don’t do Easter, they have a Catholic celebration all week long for holy week. Traditionally everyone goes to where there is water for the week, so we’ve had a lot of tourists around here all week (on the island, too). We’re all heading back to the island on Monday to do it all again.

     OK, I’m going to get this posted. Thanks for following us here and remember you can see more pictures and newsletters on our Facebook pages at Dayspring Outreach Ministries; Dayspring Missionary Training; Isla Soyaltepec Dayspring Mission. Also Stephanie, Ashlynn, Yared & Dani (All DMT students from last year) are currently working at our mission in Doctor Arroyo and you can follow them at the Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo Facebook page at Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo. Also, don’t forget David & Cristina at the orphanage. Cristina posts newsletters and pictures pretty often on the Dayspring orphanage Facebook page and you can check that out at Casa Dayspring.

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Posted by on in DMT Outreach

Hello, this is Dennis again. Ministry is continuing as usual on the island and I wanted to post a few pictures from the last couple weeks. Pastor Pascual, Areli & Javier have been having two church services every week. Every Monday in the church on the Dayspring property at Isla Soyaltepec Dayspring Mission at 4:00PM and every Tuesday up at the top of the mountain at Javier’s house, also at 4:00PM. Some of you may remember Javier’s sister Honoria. She was a student in our Dayspring Missionary Training Program in the class of 2013, which was the same class as Areli & Nelly. She has been living and working in Tijuana for the last couple years, but now she is back on the island and working full time with us.

     We had a special service last Monday. We had a child presentation in church and we presented Danny (Elda’s and my son). Normally it’s done when they are babies (he’s almost 3), but we never got it done. Better late than never, right? Laurita was the Madrina for that (it’s like Godmother) and Pastor Pascual took care of the rest. After that we all went to the lake for baptisms. We had three people that have been asking to be baptized for the past few weeks, so we decided to make it a special day. Starting the day before, Javier’s Mom Andrea and her daughters Honoria & China came down and together with Elda, Laurita & Nelly they made about 350 tamales. After the baptisms we all headed back to the property (some of us needed to dry off) and we feasted on tamales, island style.

     Right now Laurita, Nelly, Areli, Elda, Danny & I are in Mexico City. We came here for Laurita’s appointment at the United States Embassy to get her Visa to be able to visit the USA. Her appointment was this morning (Friday) and she was denied again. They said she doesn’t make enough money working for Dayspring to convince them that she has sufficient reason to return to her own country. I’m not sure what we can do at this point, so it looks like we are giving up on this for this year. We appreciate all of you who have been praying about it. Tomorrow we start our journey back to Oaxaca, we expect to get back to the island on Monday in time for church. We left our girls Katia & Valeria with Pascual’s daughter Miriam and her husband in San Jose Chiltepec, Oaxaca, so we need to go back there first to get them. Javier is putting a new palm thatch roof on our cabin this week while we’ve been gone, so it should be done by the time we get back. It was leaking pretty bad when it rained and now we have beds and stuff in there, so we needed to get it done before the rainy season starts in June.

     Thanks for following us here and remember you can see the more pictures and newsletters on our Facebook pages at Dayspring Outreach Ministries; Dayspring Missionary Training; Isla Soyaltepec Dayspring Mission. Also Stephanie, Ashlynn, Yared & Dani (All DMT students from last year) are currently working at our mission in Doctor Arroyo and you can follow them at the Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo Facebook page at Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo.

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Posted by on in DMT Outreach

Hello out there, this is Dennis and we finally made it back down here to Oaxaca after our trip to the frozen northlands. I just want to give a quick update about what we did up there. First of all Laurita was denied her visa at the US Consulate in Monterrey. The guy asked a couple questions, didn’t even look at her documents and said no. I called the National Visa Center the other day and unfortunately they confirmed that she was just unlucky and got a guy in a bad mood that day. It’s too bad that everything can get thrown overboard just because an employee at the consulate is having a bad day, but that’s the truth of it. They told us to try again, so we are. Her new appointment is on April 7, this time in Mexico City. We appreciate everyone’s prayers on this, it costs 170.00 American dollars every time we try, plus all the traveling to get to wherever the appointment is. Fortunately we can try as many times as we want, so we’ll keep trying. We need her to have this by September, but before the summer would be even better.

     Also, we spent a little over a week in Veracruz visiting family. My family and I came from Kansas to Mexico and we rushed almost immediately to Oaxaca, so Elda and the kids only had one day with her parents. For those who don’t know Elda & I have been trying to buy a property in Platon Sanchez, Veracruz so that we can build a church there for Elda’s dad, Pastor Chilo. We finally got that done, but we had to stay there several days in order to get the papers done. We have the property now and we’re ready to start construction on the church (I need to raise more money).

     Javier, Areli & Pastor Pascual have been working a lot on the island. Areli’s been posting pictures and if you can access Javier’s personal Facebook page, he has been posting pictures there. It looks like he got the kitchen roof rethatched and the outside part raised up so a taller human can walk through there without cracking their head open. Also it looks like our neighbor Tomas got the concrete floor done for the other cabin. We are at Pascual’s house now in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec and we’re heading to the island tomorrow. I’m anxious to get there and see what all they did. I’m posting some pictures here of our trip north and back and I’ll get internet again probably when we leave the island to go to Mexico City for Laurita’s appointment (the week after next) and I’ll probably have more pictures to post. Remember you can see the pictures and newsletters on our Facebook pages at Dayspring Outreach Ministries; Dayspring Missionary Training; Isla Soyaltepec Dayspring Mission. Also Stephanie, Ashlynn, Yared & Dani (All DMT students from last year) are currently working at our mission in Doctor Arroyo and you can follow them on that Facebook page at Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo.

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Posted by on in DMT Outreach

Hello all, Dennis here again. We came off the island today and I have internet here at Pastor Pascual’s house in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec for today only. Tomorrow we head north, we’re going to be in Veracruz a couple days and then we’re going to Monterrey for a couple days for Laurita to hopefully get her papers to be able to visit the USA. Then we have a couple days in Texas, then back to Veracruz to help Roger with his work group coming down to work on the new orphanage and then finally back to the island in Oaxaca.

     Javier is still on the island. Pascual and his son Nahum and daughter Areli (she’s been a missionary with us for the last 3 years) came to the island yesterday and after a full day of following Javier all over several jungle trails visiting and praying for people we had our first church service last evening at 6:00PM (Tuesday, February 28). It went well, we had 5 or 6 people show up, plus some kids. Pascual preached a message and then we gave out some Bibles and candy. Pastor Pascual will be coming to the island every Monday and leaving every Wednesday. He plans to do a church service on Mondays and Tuesdays and the rest of the time he will spend with Javier visiting and getting to know the people. Pascual’s son Nahum is planning to come to the island next week and stay there for 8 days working with Javier. Javier has been doing great. He’s got a lot on his plate, since pretty much everything we do needs to be interpreted from Spanish into the Mazateco dialect (prayers, songs, sermons, etc.) and he’s the only one we have right now that can do that. We realized about 4 days before our first church service that there were no benches in the church anymore and we had nothing for people to sit on. Javier came down with a friend and they made 7 benches using wood from the cabin that we tore down. They got that done just in time, although I think we’re going to need more.

     I won’t have internet again until we get to Texas on around March 8-9, so I’m going to get this posted right now. There are several pictures covering the past week, including the cool jungle birds and their nesting tree that we found near our cabins (non-ministry related, I know, but still pretty cool). They are officially called Montezuma Oropendolas and they have a very odd and cool sounding call that has been waking us up every morning. The local Mexicans call them Zacua, The Mazateco Indians on the island call them Chu’cunduu. Anyway, I will keep on posting pictures and information when I can. I made Areli an editor of our Facebook pages and showed her how to post pictures and newsletters, so she will hopefully be doing that for the next couple weeks until we get back. She will be posting her newsletters in Spanish, though, so y’all will have to use that Google translator :). Remember you can see the pictures and newsletters on our Facebook pages at Dayspring Outreach Ministries; Dayspring Missionary Training; Isla Soyaltepec Dayspring Mission. Also Stephanie, Ashlynn, Yared & Dani (All DMT students from last year) are currently working at our mission in Doctor Arroyo and you can follow them at the Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo Facebook page at

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Posted by on in DMT Outreach

Hello again, this is Dennis. We are still down here in Oaxaca working on Old Soyaltepec Island. We are working with Pastor Pascual and he will be coming to the island every week to do church services in the church on the Dayspring property. Javier will be having weekly services as well at his house at the top of the mountain. We will have both services on different days, so that we can attend both. Meanwhile we have been visiting and evangelizing on the trails on the lower part of the island and letting everyone know about our first service next Tuesday here with Pastor Pascual. Javier is doing the same on the top, but we still don’t know which day we will have services up there. They are harvesting their corn, so it might be every other week at first.

     Also, we tore down one of the cabins this past week. It was partially fallen down and the floor was unsafe, so we hired some neighbors to come over and take it down one day. Right now we are at Pastor Pascual’s house in Chiltepec. I need a couple days to get the money from the ATM to start rebuilding the floor. We have another neighbor who is very good with concrete and he’s going to do our new floor. We are rebuilding the cabin in the same spot, but it’ll be a little bigger and have a concrete floor this time instead of wood. It is on a steep hillside, so we originally built it with a raised wooden floor back in 2008 so that we wouldn’t have to excavate the hillside. The new floor will also be raised and when it’s done we’ll be ready to build the cabin itself and then the thatch roof. When that’s all done we have some more projects to follow. The other cabin is good, but it needs a new palm thatch roof. The bathroom needs some work and we need to raise the kitchen roof so I don’t bang my head on it anymore every morning.

     Coming up at the beginning of March we are heading north to visit family and some Pastors in Veracruz & Hidalgo. Also I am taking Laurita to Monterrey for her visa appointment at the US Consulate. Hopefully she will be able to visit America finally, so we appreciate y’all’s prayers that it goes well and they grant her a visa. Roger has a group coming to do a work project at the orphanage around that time, so we may be helping with that and then we will come back down here and keep on rollin’ with this island ministry in Oaxaca.

     I will keep on posting pictures and information when I can. There are new pictures on our Facebook pages showing the cabin coming down and a few other things from this past week and you can see those along with this newsletter at Dayspring Outreach Ministries; Dayspring Missionary Training; Isla Soyaltepec Dayspring Mission. Also Stephanie, Ashlynn, Yared & Dani (All DMT students from last year) are currently working at our mission in Doctor Arroyo and you can follow them at the Dayspring Outreach in Dr Arroyo Facebook page at

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Posted by on in DMT Outreach

Hi everyone, this is Dennis and I wanted to give a quick update for those who don’t know. We are not having a class of 2017 for our Dayspring Missionary Training program this year. We only had one American student and two Mexican students and we thought that they would have a better missionary training experience if they waited until 2018, which they are all willing to do. We do have several students interested for the class of 2018 and we are planning to go forward with the DMT program next January. All of our other ministry areas are doing great and those of us that are usually staffing the DMT program will be working in some of our missions down in the tropics in the states of Veracruz, Hidalgo & Oaxaca. Our summer is looking to be full and we will all head back to Doctor Arroyo in May to staff the many mission teams that are coming throughout the summer. We have a new church in the state of Baja California and a couple more churches starting in the state of Sonora. These are new states for us and they are pretty far away from the rest of our ministry areas. We will try to get over there this year and visit them and set up some outreach in those places for our DMT class of 2018.

                         Arrival at the island                                                     The Dayspring island property & church

                                                          Burro rides at Javier's house at the top of the island

     Right now Laurita, Nelly, Areli, Javier, Elda, our kids & I (we were the DMT staff last year, remember?) are in the state of Oaxaca working with the Mazateco Indians on Old Soyaltepec Island. Areli’s father Pastor Pascual is one of our Pastors down here and he has been working with the Chinanteco Indians for many years. We are working with him to build up the church on the island. I will be posting here when I can throughout this year. I will also be posting pictures when I can on our Facebook pages at outreach ministries; missionary training; soyaltepec dayspring mission; outreach in dr arroyo.

Thanks for following us and I’ll be back when I can (we don’t have internet on the island).

God Bless

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Week 8 was the week of May 23-29 and it was mostly a week of travel. On Monday morning we loaded up our stuff, said goodbye to Pastor Pascual and family in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec, Oaxaca and we hit the road. We drove north up the gulf coast to Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz (Emerald Coast). We ate some tacos and got a hotel on the beach for one night. Everyone got to swim in the sea and in the hotel pool, take pictures, look for sand dollars, etc. Then on Tuesday morning we headed out again. We drove about an hour to Papantla, Veracruz and we visited the pyramids at the archaeological site there called El Tajin. Then we drove on north to Platon Sanchez for one night there. Everyone went downtown for tacos one last time on Tuesday night and then Wednesday morning we loaded up again and headed for Doctor Arroyo. We had a few electrical problems with our van, but we made it just before dark. We come in just behind a heavy thunderstorm and the power was out when we arrived. We ate supper by candlelight and then the power came back on. We unloaded and unpacked, since this is where we will be until the end of the summer. Several of us went through a few days of fever and sickness; some jungle bug, probably. Otherwise we spent the week cleaning and preparing the facility here for the summer.

     Now, about the summer. The summer is the third and final part of this DMT Program and it’s all about servant leadership. On outreach the students put into practice what they had learned during the classes in La Haciendita. They all preached, shared testimonies, lead worship, lead children’s services, evangelized door to door, etc. and they did all those things many times. Now, in the summer it’s time to step back and lead from behind. We have a facility here in Doctor Arroyo similar to what we have in La Haciendita. We can house a lot of people and we will be having American church mission teams coming down almost every week throughout the summer for mission trips. Our job is to enable those teams to be able to participate in our ministry here and hopefully give them a good mission trip. Many people come on mission trips and they want the opportunity to preach, evangelize, lead worship, etc. during their short time here. Our DMT students are now prepared to help with that by interpreting, teaching people the songs in Spanish, etc. We also have a summer staff program where high school kids (usually, but not always, we have had older people do summer staff) can come down for the summer or part of the summer and help out with the mission teams. Our students will be in a position to teach and lead the summer staffers, many of whom may come back to do the DMT in the future.

     So, that’s where we’re at right now in this DMT Program. As I write this we are already working with our 3rd mission team for this summer. Of course, I’m way behind and I’m a van driver, which means I drive 8 hours to Texas every Friday taking a mission team out and back in again with the next team every Sunday. I’m going to get this posted while I have the chance. You can check out the picture set for outreach week 8 at 2016 DMT Outreach Photos, Week 8 and I’ll be back as soon as I can with DMT Summer Week 1.

Gracias y Dios les bendiga

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OK, here’s our blog for outreach week 7. It was the week of May 16-22 and we spent the whole week with Areli & Yared’s family in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec, Oaxaca. Monday was the free day as usual, and almost everyone went to Tuxtepec again to eat and see a movie (This time they saw Jungle Book I think). On Tuesday Laurita, Katia & I took off in my van. We drove 9½ hours north to Laurita’s house in La Palma, Veracruz and we stayed there two nights in order to attend the Pastor’s meeting in Platon Sanchez on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday we drove back to Oaxaca, but we were gone three days with my van, so the rest of the team only had the one van. They were able to get to the services using Pascual’s old truck, with people riding in the back. I wasn’t there, but they did La Florida on Tuesday, Manantial (again) on Wednesday and Ejido El Fortin Dos (also again) on Thursday. On Friday we went high up in the mountains to a village called El Porvenir Jacatepec and we did a service there. We also took a new class photo there (see picture set). On Saturday we were supposed to go to Plan de Las Flores, but they’re having some problems there and Pastor Pascual thought we should skip it this year, so we went swimming at another natural spring swimming area called Monte Flor. On Sunday we drove a couple hours to a village in Veracruz called Quechuleño. Pascual has a lot of family there and there’s a young man there who wants to do the DMT program next year, so we did a church service and then ate there.

That pretty much sums up the week. I’m trying to get caught up, we’re already into the first week of the summer. I didn’t get any newsletters from students this time. They’re all real busy and I didn’t want to make them try to remember events from two weeks ago and try to write about it with all the stuff we’ve got going on now here. I’m going to get outreach week 8 up soon. It was mostly a travel week, getting back north to the desert and getting the facility here ready for the summer. We did visit the beach and the pyramids on our way north, so I will get those pictures together and throw them up here. Anyway, you can check out the picture set for outreach week 7 at 2016 DMT Outreach Photos, Week 7 and I’ll be back soon with week 8.

Thanks & God Bless

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OK, we’re back. We’ve been traveling a lot and I finally have a chance to get this posted. Outreach Week 6 was the week of May 9-15. For the free day on Monday everyone wanted to go to the city and eat good tacos, so we all went to Tuxtepec and ate sarapes at a place called Emporiotaco. Sarapes are like tacos but they give you all the stuff on a plate and some tortillas and you sort of dip into the plate and make your own tacos at the table. After that we went to the multiplaza and several of us saw the movie Captain America: Civil War. On Tuesday we went to the town of San Pedro Ixcatlan to our friend Pastor Armando’s church. San Pedro is a Mazatec Indian area also, but they speak a different Mazatec dialect from that which they speak on the island and in Arroyo Tigre. We evangelized there all afternoon and then went back to Arroyo Tigre. Wednesday morning Lalo & Carlos took several of us on the Dayspring boat and we went island hopping. We explored a cave and did some arrowhead hunting and Carlos tried a few times to shoot a duck for dinner (unsuccessful). Since he’s a Mazatec Indian he has a special license to have a gun and hunt. Anyway, several people found arrowheads or beads or something. Wednesday afternoon we went back to San Pedro Ixcatlan. We evangelized again and then we had a church service there.

On Thursday morning we packed up all of our stuff, cleaned up the house where we were staying in Arroyo Tigre, said goodbye to everyone there and we moved back to Areli & Yared’s house in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec, Oaxaca. Their dad Pastor Pascual was there with the whole family and they had the place decorated up for a birthday party. We had an awesome meal and we celebrated Danny’s 2nd birthday. His birthday was actually on Sunday May 8, but we wanted to do it here with Pascual & family. Lalo & Michelle came as well, along with their kids. We had a Hulk tres leches cake and birthday presents, a few of which were sent from my Mom & Dad all the way from Kansas. After that we all walked down to the National Valley river and did laundry, swam and had a fig war (throwing figs at each other in the water).

On Friday morning a few of us went to Tuxtepec to the market and then Friday afternoon we all went to Pastor Pascual’s mission in the Chinantec Indian village of Manantial and we had a church service there. Almost all of Pascual’s missions are in Chinantec villages. On Saturday we went to Nuevo Faisan and then on Sunday we went deep into the rubber tree forest and had a service at his mission in Ejido El Fortin Dos. Sunday night we went to Tuxtepec and ate at McDonald’s and that pretty much sums up the week. I know I’m very far behind, we are all in Doctor Arroyo right now getting ready for our first summer mission team to arrive. I’ve still got outreach weeks 7 & 8 coming. You can check out the picture set for outreach week 6 at 2016 DMT Outreach Photos, Week 6 and I have newsletters below from Eric, Lucy & Esperanza. I’ll be back with Outreach Week 7 as soon as I can.

God Bless

On our free day this week we went and saw Captain America: Civil War in Tuxtepec. On Tuesday we went to San Pedro Ixcatlan and evangelized house to house. Wednesday morning we went to a few islands looking for arrowheads. Later on that day we went back to San Pedro Ixcatlan and had a service. On Thursday we moved to Arelis’ house. The next three days we had services in different villages each day. During this week I got to preach once and lead worship. I’ve had a lot of chances to play guitar in worship during outreach and it’s been a lot of fun.


Hello everyone and God bless you all. Today I have the opportunity to write about Week 6 of our outreach. Like every week, Monday was our free day. We had a lot of fun that day because we got to go to Tuxtepec. We ate really good sarapes (tacos) and wandered around in the mall and it was a great day. After that we had two days at a mission in San Pedro Ixcatlan. On Tuesday we went out and evangelized there. It was wonderful to see how eager the people were to hear the word of God, but there were a few who didn’t want it. On Wednesday we went back there and I had the opportunity to preach. It was a great blessing for me because three ladies that we had visited the day before came to hear the word of God. That ended our time there and in Arroyo Tigre. On Thursday we traveled to Areli & Yared’s home in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec where we stayed for the rest of week 6 and all of week 7. Upon our arrival we celebrated Danny’s 2nd birthday, even though his birthday was really a few days before. They had the kitchen decorated with balloons and stuff and great food, it was a good time.

For the rest of week 6 we worked with Pastor Pascual, Areli & Yared’s dad. At one of his missions I had the opportunity to lead the praise & worship. In Nuevo Faisan Eric preached and we saw some wonderful works of God. On Sunday we ended the week in a village called Ejido El Fortin and Mayra preached there. It was a great week and I thank God I was able to be a part of it.

Thank you and may God bless you and watch over you
Lucy Carmen Santiago Santiago

Hey everyone! Outreach has been an awesome experience. It’s been hot, but I’m starting to get used to it. We went to the movies on our free day in Tuxtepec. It was awesome! Tuesday and Wednesday we went to a beautiful town called San Pedro Ixcatlan. We went evangelizing the first day and on the second day we evangelized again and invited people to come to our service where Stephanie & Mayra led worship and Lucy Carmen preached. Oh, and I forgot to mention Wednesday morning we went to different islands in a boat looking for arrowheads & stuff. I found an arrowhead, a bead and some other small things. We also went in a huge cave that was super neat. Thursday we traveled to Chiltepec where Areli & Yared live. Friday we went and did a service in Manantial where we evangelized and I played guitar and helped our team with the kids’ service. Saturday in Nuevo Faisan we went inviting and had a good service in the evening. Then Sunday we went to a mission in a rubber tree forest and it went really well. God is good and he’s still working here in Mexico.

God bless you guys!

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Outreach Week 5 was the week of May 2-8. On Monday morning Carlos brought the Dayspring boat to the island to pick us up. It took two trips again, but we got ourselves and all our stuff back to the mainland at Arroyo Tigre with no problems. We went to Lalo & Michelle’s house in Arroyo Tigre and they showed us where we would be staying. It’s a house just down the hill, owned by a family that lives in Tuxtepec. There was a lot of room to hang hammocks, so we were all able to stay there. We spent the whole week in Arroyo Tigre working with Lalo & Michelle at their three missions in that area. As I mentioned last week Lalo & Michelle, along with their two kids Ezra & Hadie are our missionaries in the Arroyo Tigre and island areas. They’ve been there for several years and they are also the caretakers of the Dayspring boat (piloted by our pal Carlos from Isla Agua Escondida, Hidden Water Island). Also, Celia was with us all week. For those of you who have followed us for a while, you will remember Celia was a DMT student in the class of 2014 and she lives next door to Lalo & Michelle. The whole area is inhabited mostly by Mazatec Indians. All of Lalo’s missions are in Mazatec villages except one, which is Chinantec. Since Monday was supposed to be a free day we went up the mountains to a swimming area called Rio Uluapan. It is where the Uluapan River begins and the water is ice cold there. On the way back we stopped in the town of Jalapa de Diaz and ate tacos.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Lalo’s mission in the Chinantec village of Pescadito. We evangelized in the mornings and then had a church service in the late afternoon on both days. Our plan was to do the same thing on Thursday and Friday in the Mazatec village of Piedra de Amolar, but we got rained out on Thursday. Instead, we did a work project on that day. Our living situation at that house in Arroyo Tigre was pretty good, but with one exception. There was nowhere to take a bath. You would think that wouldn’t be a problem, since we’re on the shore of a big lake, but the lakeshore there has no rocks, so it’s very muddy. We needed a structure to be able to take bucket baths in, so on Wednesday Lalo, Carlos, Dani & Javier went out in the boat and searched several islands for the right kind of tree and then they used a chainsaw to cut some boards and they brought it all back. On Thursday we built two “bath huts”, which solved our bathing problem. We didn’t have enough black plastic for the second one until Friday, so we finished that one then. It was rainy half the day Wednesday and all day Thursday, which made everything a muddy mess and we got the van stuck a few times, but it dried out fast and Friday we were able to evangelize and then have church in Piedra de Amolar. On Saturday we went there again and did the same thing, but this time we showed a movie in the street at 8:00PM. On Sunday we evangelized all morning in Arroyo Tigre (also a Mazatec village) and then we had a church service outside of Lalo’s house that evening.

That pretty much sums up the week. We are approaching the end of this outreach and our weeks have been very full. I’m a whole week behind, as you read this we are finishing up week 6 already. Hopefully I can get a little bit caught up, but I’m gonna shut up now and get this posted. Thank you all for your prayers and for following us here. You can check out the picture set for outreach week 5 at 2016 DMT Outreach Photos, Week 5 and I have newsletters below from Mayra & Allison. I’ll be back with Outreach Week 6 as soon as I can.

Dios les bendiga

Hello everyone, I’d like to tell you all a little bit about this past week. We were in Arroyo Tigre, Oaxaca and we did church services in Pescadito (Little Fish), Piedra de Amolar (Grindstone) and Arroyo Tigre (Tiger Creek or Jaguar Creek). The second day in Pescadito it started to rain, then it got muddy and we got the van stuck. We all got out and pushed and we were able to get it out by working as a team. After a couple rainy days it got sunny again and we went to evangelize in Piedra de Amolar. We are thankful to God that we got to do this and many people heard a salvation message through the Word of God. On our second day in Piedra de Amolar, after the church service we showed a movie in the street. The movie was about God’s plan of Salvation for all of us. On our last day we went out door to door and evangelized in Arroyo Tigre and then that evening we had a church service there.

With our shoes packed with mud, together with my fellow students I think that we had an eventful week full of blessings. Thanks for your prayers and God bless you all.

How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, who announces salvation, and says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7


I am excited to be writing to you once again to update you on the things God has been doing in the lives of the DMT students and the lives we have been able to reach! First of all I would like to give God thanks for all the safety he has been blessing us with. After we were on the island we moved to Arroyo Tigre, which isn’t a super big town, but it had quite a few small villages nearby. On our free day we went to this place with some waterfalls and really cold water. A few of us took baths there. In Arroyo Tigre we were in each village for two days. On the first day we evangelized, then had a church service that night and on the second day we invited them to a second service that night. The first day we evangelized we were able to talk to many people about God and pray for one young man who was having problems with his blood being clogged. Many new people came to church and after one of the students giving a message on salvation many people (about 10) went up to the front to be prayed for and accept Jesus into their hearts for the first time! God was really moving in the service and with the children as well. We were able to teach them about Noah, his faithfulness and obedience to God. The next couple days we were able to show a movie in Spanish from Genesis to Revelation.

Back at the house where we were staying we built bath huts for us to take our bucket baths in. We look forward to what God is going to do with the last couple weeks of outreach. Thank you for your prayers! We really appreciate them! Please continue to pray for our team as we are finishing outreach and about to head back up north for the summer!

God Bless
Allison Cooper

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Outreach Week 4 was the week of April 25 - May 1. On Monday the 25th we loaded up, said goodbye to our hosts in Platon Sanchez, Veracruz and headed further south. Our plan was to spend three days in the Alamo Temapache, Veracruz area working with a few missions that we have there. I was there in January and I had it all set up. We arrived at Brother Jaime’s house in Citlaltepec, Veracruz on Monday afternoon and he acted like he didn’t know we were coming. We went up the street and talked to Pastor Malena (she was a DMT student with Lalo, Laurita & I in 2005) and she said they had been trying to contact us to cancel. They had nowhere for us to stay and only two people coming to church. We maybe could have stayed there and evangelized for a couple days, but with 21 of us and nowhere to stay we decided to roll on. We went on south to Costa Esmeralda (Emerald Coast), Veracruz and we got a cheap hotel for the night. The Gulf of Mexico is just across the highway, so the next morning everybody got a few minutes to get their feet wet. Also Tuesday morning Juan Carlos left us and went home. We rolled on and stopped for lunch in La Antigua, Veracruz. It’s one of the places where Cortés landed and we were able to visit his house and see the famous tree where Cortés’ men tied their landing boats. The tree is still living and they used some of the original chains from the landing boats to make a chain fence around the tree. Also we visited Mexico’s first Catholic Church there, built by Hernán Cortés in 1523. We rolled on and crossed the Tonto River into the state of Oaxaca and we made it to Areli & Yared’s house in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec, Oaxaca at about 8:00PM. Their dad, Pastor Pascual was there to greet us along with the rest of the family. We had supper and got ourselves settled in there for a few days’ stay. We will be staying there during weeks 6 & 7 anyway, so we went there to reconnoiter and figure out what to do, since the Alamo situation left us with a few open days.

     On Wednesday morning we went into the city of Tuxtepec, Oaxaca to buy groceries. Also we stopped by the colony of La Moderna Tuxtepec (a colony is like a suburb) to visit Pastor Lucindo. He is a Pastor there that we used to work with and he’s also Lalo’s uncle. He wasn’t home but his wife said that he was wanting us to come and do a service in his church if we had time, so we said we could come on Thursday and do that one. On our way back out of town we stopped by the little Tuxtepec bridge to see the iguanas. They are protected there and there are lots of them of all sizes all over in the trees by that bridge. On Wednesday afternoon, since everyone lost their free day on Monday to traveling, we took everyone to Zuzul. Zuzul means “deep blue” and it’s a huge natural spring that they have made into a swimming area. It’s very deep over the spring and they have a diving tower there. As you go toward the river it gradually gets shallower and creates a natural kiddie area. The water is cold and it’s a great place to go to escape the heat, since it’s even hotter here than it was in Veracruz. On Thursday many people did their laundry, either at Areli’s house or down at the river. Thursday afternoon we all went back to La Moderna Tuxtepec and did a church service at 5:00PM with Pastor Lucindo.

     On Friday it was time to go to the island. Originally our plan was to go to the island on Friday from Temazcal, since we would have been coming south that day from Alamo, but since we were already at Pascual’s we just went to Lalo & Michelle’s house in Arroyo Tigre, Oaxaca. Lalo & Michelle are the Pastors and missionaries at our mission on the island and the area around there and they have been for several years. Almost all of their missions and churches are with the Mazatec Indian People (they have one with Chinantec Indians). They recently moved to Arroyo Tigre from the island, but the island property & church are still there and being maintained by a neighbor family there. They go there and have church every week still, they just don’t live there anymore. Our friend Carlos came to Arroyo Tigre with the Dayspring boat and took us all to the island (it took two trips). We stayed on the Dayspring property there for three nights and two days.

     The official name of the island is La Isla Del Viejo Soyaltepec, Oaxaca (Old Soyaltepec Island, Oaxaca). It’s roughly football shaped, about  4 miles long and a couple miles wide at the widest part. It’s basically a mountain sticking out of the lake and the majority of the village is at the top of the mountain. The people of the island are Mazatec Indians and they speak the Mazateca Soyaltepec dialect. The Dayspring property is down near the boat docks, but Javier’s house is all the way up top by the soccer field. There are no cars or vehicles on the island, you have to walk or take a burro wherever you need to go. The trip to the top is rocky and pretty steep in places and tends to be fairly difficult, especially when it’s real hot, which it almost always is. We made the climb on Saturday and we evangelized door to door and invited kids to come to a kids’ service, which we had at the multipurpose salon at the center of town over by the old Catholic Church. Afterward we ate supper at Javier’s house and then made the trip back down before it got dark. On Sunday we had a church service on the property. On Monday we left the island, but that’s getting into week 5.

     It was a big week. We did a whole lot of traveling and we got to see a lot of different cool things. We will be in Arroyo Tigre with Lalo & Michelle for all of week 5 and part of week 6. Then the rest of the outreach will be back at Pascual’s house and the trip back north. You can check out the picture set for outreach week 4 at 2016 DMT Outreach Photos, Week 4 and I have newsletters below from Yared & Ashlynn. Thanks for following us here and I’ll be back with Outreach Week 5 as soon as I can.

God Bless

Hello again everyone. I would like to tell you a little bit about my time on outreach so far. It has been an experience that I never thought I would have. In week four we left the state of Veracruz and came to the state of Oaxaca. During our trip south we stopped at a place called La Antigua, Veracruz. It is a very beautiful place and Hernán Cortés’ house is there.

     After that we came to my house in Oaxaca. It was very exciting & emotional for me because it’s been 3 months or so since I’ve seen my family. We stayed at my house for a few days and during that time we went to a place nearby called La Colonia Moderna and we did a church service at Pastor Lucindo’s church there. I remember that day was a bit difficult because it was very, very hot. On Friday we went to La Isla Del Viejo (the island) for a few days and we did a kids’ service and a church service there. We also slept in our hammocks there, which was fun.

     Everything that we have experienced so far has been very good and it has helped us to grow every day. God has helped us and strengthened us in everything that we have gone through and he will never abandon us.

Please keep us in your prayers. God bless you all a lot.

Week 4 was very special for the DMT students. Leaving Platon Sanchez was very difficult. It was a beautiful & welcoming place and after praying for the sister she said goodbye to us in tears. We hit a few bumps in the road and weren’t able to do anything in Alamo so we pushed on. We stayed in a hotel that night next to a beautiful beach. We lost one of our fellow students the next day. He had to go home and we miss him. It was for the best after all. On the way to Oaxaca we saw Cortés’ house, which was a nice little stop. Then we made our way to Areli’s house and we were welcomed with open arms. Not far from Areli’s house we visited this pit of iguanas that was equally strange, dangerous & really, really cool. We also bathed and swam in Zuzul. They have a 15 foot diving tower and almost all the students jumped from it into the icy, clear water. To finish off the week we spent three days on Old Soyaltepec Island. The bugs weren’t too bad but I did fall down three times while coming down the mountain and we had the best empanadas ever that an old indian lady was selling in the street (trail?, path?). It was a great week and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.


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Outreach Week 3 was the week of April 18-24 and we spent our nights in Platon Sanchez the entire week. The first day was the free day and we went to another river. We went to a swimming area on el Rio Los Hules and everyone swam and jumped multiple times from a rope swing that we found there. El Rio Los Hules is the state line between the states of Veracruz and Hidalgo, we were on the Hidalgo side. On Tuesday we went to a church in Tantoyuca, Veracruz and did a church service with Pastor Rigo. His church is currently made of tarps stretched across poles to block the sun. They have quite a few people in their congregation, so hopefully they can build a church soon. On Wednesday we went out to a Nahuatl village called Mohuijco Chiconamel, Veracruz and we did a service there. On Thursday we went to Motoltepec, Veracruz. The Pastor was running late, so one of his people took us walking to the next village to evangelize for the new mission that they are starting there. The village is called Humotitla and we split into two teams and went visiting door to door for an hour or so before heading back to Motoltepec. Pastor Vacilio was there when we got back and we did a service there with him. On Friday we went to Lolis’ home church in the city of Huejutla de Reyes, Hidalgo. We did a service there and Lolis preached. On Saturday we went to another Nahuatl village called El Ixtle Huautla, Hidalgo. We did a service in the house church there with Pastor Gregorio.

On Sunday the 24th we had a little birthday celebration for Katia. Her birthday is really on April 27th, but we wanted to do it in Platon Sanchez so her grandparents could be there. It’s her seventh birthday and we had pollo asado (grilled chicken) and Mexican spaghetti for lunch, followed by the cakes and all the Mexican traditions that go with that (biting the cake). Then she opened the few presents that we had; a couple were sent by my mom from Kansas. After lunch we went outside of Platon Sanchez a little ways to a village called La Crinolina and we did a service there with Pastor Santos.

I know that was a quick rundown of the week, but I’m on the run here so I’m going to get this posted. You can check out the picture set for outreach week 3 at 2016 DMT Outreach Photos, Week 3 and I have some newsletters below from Dani & Edison. Thanks for following us here and I’ll be back with Outreach Week 4 as soon as I can.

Dios les bendiga

Hello everyone and God bless you. I really enjoyed this past week because we got to go to many different missions. We are all very happy to pray for the people in these places. Some of us lead worship, some share their testimonies and one will preach at each place we go. The Pastors in these places are also very happy to have us come and visit them, since many of them are far from the highway. We plan and prepare the services and the Pastors let us do them. On Monday, our free day we went to a really cool river called Rio Los Hules. It was a lot of fun swimming there and jumping into the river from a rope swing that we found there. It’s a privilege and a joy to be able to go to all these different places and preach the word of God, Encourage the people and pray for them. On Sunday I was part of the worship team and I preached. I am very happy to sing and preach for the glory of God. God bless you all and I want to thank Dennis Kramer & Roger Tomlinson for the help that they give us and I thank God for the life and the health that he gives us all.


All of last week was spent in lovely Platon Sanchez, Veracruz. Beginning on Monday, our free day, we all went to the river (except for me, I stayed and read).

   Our work continued of going to nearby churches and sharing our services, most in rural areas. One church we attended was made of mostly tarps tied to nearby trees and I don’t say this to belittle the church. The people were wonderful. What I mean by this is that often we lose focus easily (e.g. focusing on silly minutiae) rather than being entirely sure our intent is to worship and draw near to our creator.

   The church had recently bought a pulpit. Our service was its first use. A pulpit, a thing we likely think a simple mark on a checklist for a church stage, was a huge landmark for this church. The whole community worked together to buy it.

   Though I too grow tired of soapbox messages on ‘perspective’, I think the lesson I learned was a deepening of the gratitude I feel when I think of my family, friends, home, health and my many gifts.


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OK, here’s our blog for Oureach Week 2. It was the week of April 11-17 and it started out with Monday the 11th as a free day. Several people went into El Higo that morning to use internet. In the afternoon most of us went to the Moctezuma river near Tancuiche (about a mile away). Everyone swam for a while and then we went to the orphanage in El Higo to meet Roger’s group and play with the kids before coming back to Nelly’s to make supper. On Tuesday we went to Lucy’s house in the village of El Movimiento Huasteco (The Huastec Movement).  We were very close to the state line between the states of San Luis Potosi and Veracruz when we were at Nelly’s house. Her house and Lucy’s village are both in the state of San Luis Potosi. El Higo is on the other side of the river in the state of Veracruz. Of course we have several missions around there in both states. Lucy’s church happens to be in her house and we did a service there on Tuesday. Lucy preached and then we celebrated her birthday a day early so that she could do it with her family there. Also on Tuesday morning Roger stole three of our staff members to help him with his group for a few days down in Oaxaca (Laurita, Nelly & Javier).

     On Wednesday we loaded up all of our stuff, hooked up the trailer, said goodbye to Nelly’s family and we moved about an hour south to the town of Platon Sanchez, Veracruz where we are staying until the end of week 3. Platon Sanchez is about 12 miles from the city of Huejutla de Reyes (Weh-HOOT-Lah) in the state of Hidalgo, so again we are close to a state line and we have several missions in this area in both states. On Thursday we went to Tancazahuela, Veracruz. It was rainy that day and the Pastor decided not to have a service, so we walked the neighborhood and evangelized door to door for a few hours. On Friday we went to Ixcanelco, Veracruz and we had a great service there. Friday night Roger brought Laurita, Nelly & Javier back to us and then he headed on North the next morning. Saturday was the big day. We went to Lolis’ church in Huejutla and picked up her Pastor and his friend and then we drove two hours from there way up into the mountains in the state of Hidalgo to a Nahuatl village called Lontla Tlanchinol. We had to walk quite a ways to the church, but we had another great service there and the scenery was breathtaking. When we left there my GPS said that Huejutla is only 14 miles away, but it takes two hours to drive it, so that gives you an idea of what the roads are like. On Sunday we had two services; one at 10:00AM in El Aguacate, Veracruz and one at 2:00PM in Huejutla de Reyes, Hidalgo. I didn’t go that day, I stayed back and posted the blog and pictures for outreach week 1. I did get pictures from Areli and Elda though.

     Well, that pretty much wraps up what went on during week 2. Everybody’s doing great. It’s real hot, but I think everybody’s gotten used to it by now. It’s only going to get hotter as we keep moving south. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a jungle down here. You can check out the picture set for outreach week 2 at 2016 DMT Outreach Photos, Week 2 and I have some newsletters below from Juan Carlos, Stephanie & Lolis. I’ll be back with Outreach Week 3 as soon as I can.

Thanks and God Bless

Hello everyone! It’s a great honor to write about this past week. God bless you first of all. In this awesome past week we stayed at Nelly’s home and that’s where we started our outreach. It’s a great honor to share the gospel in the hills and mountains where many people live. We went to Sasub, that’s the name of a village where the spirit of God moved with great power and authority. We can see the needs the people have in their lives and how they really try to reach God. Many people live in remote places really far from the church, but they really want to serve God so they reach out to their friends and neighbors with the gospel in the places where they are. They want to serve the Lord and receive his word. There are also many wonderful views of beautiful scenery around here. Everywhere we go we can see God’s hand in our lives. It’s great the way the people treat us. They are such kind & good people with great hearts. They are a great example for all of us and I am learning so much from them. I keep asking myself what I would do without them. I really need these people because they are sharing the gospel and reaching people for God’s glory. It’s a great privilege to serve the King of Kings. That’s all for now. See you soon with more great things that are happening here.

Your Brother
Juan Carlos

Hello, it’s Stephanie here. We have started outreach and have been doing services every day. It is a lot of work and some days very tiring, but it is completely worth it to get God’s Word out there. For the first few days we stayed at Nelly’s house. We had to bathe with a bucket and use an outhouse. It was an experience, that’s for sure. On Wednesday we moved to a house in Platon Sanchez which we are staying at for 12 days before moving again. On Saturday we went to a church way up in the mountains. The ride there was very beautiful, with the mountains all around us. Esperanza preached at that church and I shared my testimony. God really moved in the service and several came forward for prayer. God is really moving in the services and I’m so thankful and blessed to be here and to experience it. Sunday we had two services, one at 10:00AM and another at 2:00PM. It made for a very long day and it was very hot, but once again God was there and one lady accepted Jesus as her savior, and that is what it’s all about. When you see people completely surrendering to God it makes being here worth it. I’m so glad to be here and thankful for the opportunity.

Until Next Time, Dios les bendiga

Hello, this is Lolis and I am very happy because we have completed our second week of outreach and it was very fun and exciting. We had a lot of church services and they were all a great blessing. When week 2 began we were still in Tancuiche at Nelly’s house. On our free day we went swimming in the river near Nelly’s house and I think it’s great to be able to share moments like these with my fellow students. Also on Monday we got to visit the Casa Hogar Dayspring (the orphanage) and play with the kids again. On Tuesday we went to Lucy’s house and had a church service and celebrated her birthday a day early there. On Wednesday we loaded up everything and moved to Platon Sanchez where we have been continuing with services daily in different places around here. We went way up in the mountains one day and had a church service in a village called Lontla and it was very cool. I also got to see my family and I am very happy about that. I am very glad to be here and I thank God for it.

Dolores de La Cruz Rodriguez

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OK, so classes are over and now we’re on outreach and some of y’all are wondering what that is. I will try to explain it briefly here. Outreach is basically where the students get the chance to daily put into practice what they’ve learned. Dayspring has a lot of churches and missions in the tropical states of Veracruz, San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo & Oaxaca. You can click on the map at the top of this post and see the areas where we have churches. The students were able to do some of this a little bit on our weekend outreaches during the school, but now it’s every day for eight weeks in the high heat and humidity down here in the tropics. We will be staying with people locally, many places some of us will sleep in hammocks and we will be having a service somewhere every day except for travel days and Mondays are still free days. Many of our churches and missions down here are indigenous indian villages (almost all, actually). We work with four different indian tribal groups; Nahuatl, Huasteca, Mazateca & Chinanteca. Living conditions can be a bit extreme here (hammocks, bucket baths, washing clothes in the river, etc.), but you get used to it. The outreach is a lot of fun and we go to some really remote places, but it’s also probably the hardest part of the DMT Program and it’s usually during outreach when the students figure out whether they’re called to be missionaries or not.

This year’s eight week outreach is going to go something like this (you can check out the map to see where these places are). For week 1 we stayed at Nelly’s house in Tancuiche, San Luis Potosi (the area around El Higo, Veracruz on the map – orphanage area). We visited Nahuatl and Huasteca villages around there in the states of San Luis Potosi & Veracruz. For weeks 2 & 3 we will stay in Platon Sanchez, Veracruz and we will be visiting more Nahuatl and Huasteca villages around there in the states of Veracruz & Hidalgo. For week 5 we will be in The Alamo, Veracruz area. We have a few churches there in Nahuatl indian villages. Week 6 we will be on the island (La Isla Del Viejo Soyaltepec on the map) in the state of Oaxaca working with Lalo & Michelle at some of their missions with the Mazateca Indians in that area. Weeks 7 & 8 we will be in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec, Oaxaca working with several different missions that Areli & Yared’s Dad has in Chinanteca indian villages around there. Some of these areas will overlap a day or two into other weeks, but hopefully you get the general idea of where we will be. If you click the map until you get the largest version you can save it to your computer and check it out to see where we are each week when you read this blog (if you care about that stuff).

OK, Outreach Week 1 was the week of April 4-10. On Monday April 4 we got loaded up, said goodbye to everyone in La Haciendita and we drove the 5 hours up to our facility in the desert in Doctor Arroyo, Nuevo Leon. We wanted to bring everything to Doctor Arroyo because that’s where we’ll be returning to when we come back from outreach, but we couldn’t fit everything so at some point someone will have to make it back to La Haciendita this summer to get the things we left behind. We stayed two nights in Arroyo, we had to give Dani’s Dad Meme a day to fix our broken trailer. We were running one day late, our first outreach service was in the village of Sasub Wednesday afternoon. We didn’t want to cancel it, so we left Wednesday morning as early as we could and we drove to San Vicente Tancuayalab, San Luis Potosi. We got six hotel rooms, unhooked the trailer and immediately left again to go to Sasub. We made it just in time for the service. We stayed that night in the hotel and the next day we moved to the village of Tancuiche and almost everyone stayed the rest of the week there with Nelly’s family. They had room for only 16 people, so my family and I stayed in the hotel all week.

On Thursday we went out to the village of Paso de Piedras, Veracruz. They call it La Presa and it’s Elda’s home (It’s marked on the map). We ate ceviche and fried tilapia there (it’s a fishing village) and then we did a church service. On Friday we drove up into the mountains to the Nahuatl village of Amaxac Coxcatlan, San Luis Potosi and we did a service there. On Saturday we did a service in San Andres, Veracruz and then we went to the city of Huejutla de Reyes, Hidalgo and checked out the historic Catholic Church in the plaza there. Saturday night Roger arrived at the hotel with a small group of four people. They came to see some of the ministry with Roger for a few days. We were able to meet up with them a couple times, but our church service schedule was different from theirs. On Sunday we went to Laurita’s home in the village of La Palma, Veracruz. On the way we picked up Luis (DMT student last year). He spent the day with us in La Palma and it was good to see him again. We spent most of the day in La Palma and we had church there at 3:00PM. We had planned on spending some time with the kids at the Dayspring orphanage, but we were only able to go there on Friday evening for an hour or so.

That pretty much wraps up week 1 of outreach. I’m basically an entire week behind and I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to get caught up, but I’ll keep plugging away at it and get these blogs posted whenever I can. Our picture sets on outreach tend to be a little bigger since there’s so much more going on and there are more interesting things to take pictures of. You can check out the picture set for outreach week 1 at 2016 DMT Outreach Photos, Week 1 and I have a couple newsletters below from Lucy & Eric. Thanks for following us here and stay tuned for Outreach Week 2, coming soon…

Dios les bendiga

This was our first week of outreach, a very exciting and busy time. We did a lot of traveling this week. We spent the week staying at one of the staff members, Nelly’s house. I had my first opportunity to preach this week. I was nervous and excited about it. We ended the week at staff member, Laurita’s church. There I helped lead worship and the kids’ service. I’m looking forward to the following weeks of outreach.


Hello, this is Lucy and we finished our 11th week, but it’s week 1 of the outreach. On the 4th of April we left La Haciendita, Nuevo Leon and we went to Doctor Arroyo. God was with us and we arrived just fine with no problems. We stayed in Doctor Arroyo for one day and two nights and on Wednesday we left to go to our first day of outreach. We arrived in the village of Sasub de San Vicente Tancuayalab, San Luis Potosi and it was a nice place. During those days we went out many times to many different places throughout the week. I really liked the way that every church we visited looked for God and that filled me with joy. We ended the week on Sunday in the village of La Palma at Laurita’s church and it was my turn to help lead worship there. It was a pleasure to do it and it filled me with happiness when I saw the brothers & sisters rejoicing. I give thanks to God for this past week, our first week of outreach and I hope we have more like it.

Thank You

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OK, so we finished our outreach and I’m very late getting this blog caught up. I’m calling the final blog post “Week 05”, but the outreach was actually closer to 7 weeks long since several of my blog weeks were actually longer than a week, especially the first one and this last one (they were each almost 2 weeks). Anyway we finished up in Oaxaca with one last free day at Pascual’s house and then we headed back North. We spent one night on the beach at Costa Esmeralda, Veracruz (The Emerald Coast) and then we came on to Platon Sanchez, Veracruz the next day. We were supposed to be in Platon Sanchez for four days doing some more services with Pastor Chilo before heading to the desert for the summer, but it was a little longer than that because of van troubles. The transmission went out in the Dodge van again, so we were delayed a day getting that fixed. Then, as we were test driving the van with the mechanic to make sure the new tranny was working right the ball joint went out on the front left, which set us back another day. Meanwhile Roger was in Texas needing help to get the guesthouse ready for the mission group that was coming in, so we sent Kenny, Andrew, Brieanna & Amree out to Texas on a bus to help out with that. The rest of us made it to Doctor Arroyo with both vans on May 28 (we were supposed to go there on the 25th).

     Now we’re all here in Doctor Arroyo with our first mission team for this summer. Everything’s going great and with this blog post I’m finally kinda sorta caught up to present. I didn’t get any newsletters from students this time, they’re all real busy and I wanted to get this posted. We will be here in Doctor Arroyo all summer working with mission teams from American churches coming down for week long mission trips. We have another blog that I’ll be taking care of this summer, as well. It’s our “Mission Trips Blog” and we’ll be posting there daily throughout the summer whenever we have a group here (there are a couple weeks this summer with no groups) and you can see it at I will still be posting a picture set here for each week, but my newsletters will probably get shorter since most everything will be posted on the Mission Trips Blog also. Check out the pictures from our last couple weeks in the tropics at 2015 DMT Outreach Photos, Week 5 and I’ll be back soon with “DMT Summer Week 01” or something like that.

Dios les bendiga

P.S. By the way, the kitten that Javier & Dani rescued from the parking lot of the Chedraui (it’s a grocery store) in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz is fine. The Abuelo (Grandfather) of the family that we stay with in Platon Sanchez likes cats and he adopted him…

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OK, here’s the scoop on Week 4. On Monday for the free day we all went to a swimming park called Zuzul. Zuzul means “Deep Blue” and it’s a large natural spring that they modified a little bit to make it like a swimming pool. They have a diving tower at the deep part, which is where the spring is. It goes down real deep into the earth in the middle and then as you go away from the spring and toward the river it gradually gets shallower until it’s about knee deep, so it becomes a natural kiddie pool. It was very hot that day (what day down here isn’t?) and we spent the afternoon there. On Tuesday we went to a town called Nuevo Faisan where we evangelized and then did a service. On Wednesday we went pretty far up into the mountains and then down a very steep trail into a valley to the village of Plan de Las Flores. Pastor Pascual no longer has a church there (he used to), but many of the people there remember him and miss him. We visited door to door for a few hours and then… swimming again. El Rio Valle Nacional (The National Valley River) is the river that we’ve been going to near Pascual’s house and it’s born there in Plan de Las Flores. The water is cold and moving pretty fast there. The place is pretty remote and jungly and it’s inhabited by Chinanteco Indians. Several of our students have developed the habit of jumping off of high places into the water whenever we go swimming somewhere. Look at the picture sets from the last few weeks and you’ll see what I mean. We had a birthday party for Amree that day before we left for the village, too.

     Thursday was the day we were all supposed to move to Arroyo Tigre and do services at Lalo & Michelle’s missions there for four days, but we had a little van accident that morning and our van had to get fixed. Nothing real serious, Pastor Pascual was looking down and wasn’t ready, so he face planted into the dash and had a bloody nose and fat lip. Otherwise everyone was fine. The van got knocked out of alignment, though and the bumper was bent a little bit (Areli hit a tree on the side of the road). We took Armando and all the boys up to Arroyo Tigre in my van and left them there with their hammocks and we came back and stayed on with Pascual until the van was done (which was Sunday night). Andrew took a few pictures of the four days in Arroyo Tigre, but not a whole lot. I stayed with the girls and we continued evangelizing and doing services at Pascual’s missions. Check out the newsletters below from Andrew, Luis & Amree and you can see the pictures at 2015 DMT |Outreach Photos – Week 4. We’ll see you in a few days with week 5…

God Bless

We started off this week spending our free day at a place called El Zuzul which in Spanish means “Deep Blue”. It is a massive spring that comes up out of the earth. It was a beautiful place with blue water and a fifteen foot diving tower. Me and Kenny tried diving down as far as we could go and we could not even start to find the bottom. It must go thousands of feet into the earth. After that we started a normal week of outreach going to church services with the students and taking turns preaching. On Wednesday we went to a beautiful town in the mountains called Plan de Las Flores to evangelize. It was a good day, the people seemed to be really open to what we had to say and we got to cool off in the river afterward. On Thursday all the guys went to the town of Arroyo Tigre to help Pastor Lalo with a crusade he was having there. We went out and evangelized for 4 or 5 hours every morning. In the afternoons we helped with the work of building a new church for Pastor Lalo and in the evenings we had services for the crusade. It was hard work and the weather was hot, but I enjoyed it. It is a good feeling to know that the work we were doing was furthering the kingdom of heaven.

God Bless You All and Thank You for All Your Prayers

Hello and God bless you all for praying for us. God is a God of blessings and I am proud to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who don’t know and to go door to door bringing the word of God to them in their homes. This week we had some campaign services and we evangelized, sowing the seed wherever God called us. Even though the gospel is for everyone, not everyone wants to hear the message of God. I will not be discouraged, I will go forth in God’s will. I know there will be battles and challenges, but I also know that great are the victories that God gives us. I thank you to continue praying for us and God bless you all.


Monday we went to Zuzul and it was very beautiful and so BLUE! There was a fifteen foot tower and even though I am scared of heights I jumped off with Eskylar. It was a really fun free day. Tuesday we went to some weird village with some weird name and Andrew preached. Wednesday was my birthday!!! The first part of the day we had delicious birthday cake. My face got shoved into the cake and I got cake up my nose. The second part of the day we went to Plan de Las Flores and evangelized and then went swimming. Andrew and Eskylar jumped off a rope bridge and it was awesome! Thursday I was sick, so while Dennis & his family, Eskylar and Norma took the boys to Arroyo Tigre the rest of us stayed back. Friday we had a service at the pretty tree place and Norma preached. We were up in the mountains and there were trees surrounding us and we had service under a really big tree. Saturday night we had a prayer service at El Fortin Dos and it was a great experience. Sunday we went back to the same place as Saturday and had a church service and Brie preached. The week was amazing! It was really quiet without the boys, but I think it was really good to have some girl time.


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So, I’m running late, I know. We’re over halfway done with week 4 and I’m just now getting the week 3 stuff posted. For week 3 we finished up our time on the island. Monday was a free day and several people went with Javier to El Cerro. It’s a large uninhabited (by people anyway)¬ island neighboring our island. It’s very dense jungle and we call it the hunting island because that’s where Javier and his brothers go to hunt. Anyway, they went there and hiked a long way up the mountain and explored a big cave, got all dirty and ate papaya. On Tuesday everyone took the boat to Arroyo Tigre (which is where we’re going this week) and evangelized there and did a church service. Javier preached in the Mazateco Indian dialect at that service. Check in the photo set for week 3, photo #027 says “Diu Nga Chichakuneri”, which is Mazateco for “God Bless You”. On Wednesday we left the island. We loaded up our vans and trailer and we went to Areli’s house in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec, Oaxaca. Areli’s Dad is a Pastor there and he has several missions with the Chinanteco Indians in that area. We spent the rest of the week there eating great food, doing services each day in different places (some of them pretty remote) and swimming in the river near Areli’s house.

     On Friday we had a little birthday celebration after lunch. Baby boy Danny turned 1 year old that day (May 8). We also celebrated Brie’s birthday at the same time. Her birthday was May 1st. We were on the island at that time and I messed up and forgot to get her a cake before we went over to the island, so we merged her party with Danny’s. OK, I’m going to get this posted. I have newsletters below from Fanny and Skylar. Check out the photo set at 2015 DMT Outreach Photos – Week 3. I’ll be back soon with Week 4.

Diu Nga Chichakuneri

I have not written anything during this whole time on outreach. This experience has been incredible! This week we have been in El Fortin Uno Chiltepec, Oaxaca. I am getting to spend a little time with my family and I feel like I am at home. For two days we evangelized and had campaign services in San Jose Chiltepec. I liked to be able to share the word of God with my family and in my town. This past Sunday I preached at the mission in El Fortin Dos. It was my first time ever preaching in front of my family, but God gave me the words. I have been away from home for four months. I miss my family, my city and the people, but God is changing me. Outreach is hard. It’s hot all the time. The mosquitos are eating me alive, but it’s worth it. It is good to bring the word to the people who need it. Outreach is coming to an end and we are happy for what God has done during this time of trials. I ask you all to continue praying for us.

God Bless You All
Estefania (Translated by Brieanna Quinn)

Well we finished up the island this week. We took a boat ride to a different place and evangelized for a while and had a church service.  It was preached in Mazateco which is pretty cool. After the island our next stop was Areli’s house. It is so beautiful. It has been my favorite so far! We have had a couple of big services here in town. A lot of people showed up so that's a plus. We have seen God’s healing power which was the coolest thing I've ever seen. He just keeps reassuring us that he is in control. God has really been speaking to me and revealing to me what I'm meant to do with my life. We only have a few more weeks of outreach left, then it's back to Doctor Arroyo. Thank you all again for all your support and prayers.


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For week two of our outreach we gradually moved south throughout the week. Last Saturday we left the orphanage and drove about an hour south to Platon Sanchez, Veracruz. We stayed with some brothers from the church for three days ministering in some of Pastor Chilo’s churches and missions in that area. Most of his missions are Nahuatl Indians and we learned some new phrases in the Nahuatl dialect. Monday was a free day in Platon Sanchez and it also happened to be Katia’s sixth birthday, so we had a little birthday party with pollo asado for lunch and a couple tres leches cakes. After that we went swimming in the Calabozo River in the nearby town of El Remanzo.

     On Tuesday morning we loaded up and headed further south again. We were wanting to visit a couple of our church missions in the Alamo, Veracruz area, but we couldn’t get in contact with anyone there beforehand and I didn’t want to just show up with 19 people asking for a place to stay, so we drove on to Gutierez Zamora. On the way we stopped at the pyramids at El Tajin, Veracruz. We spent a few hours there checking out the ruins and we watched the traditional indian Danza Del Volador (Dance of The Flyer), then we came on to Elda’s Uncle Miguel’s house in La Colonia Renacimiento in Gutierez Zamora, Veracruz. We were very close to the Gulf of Mexico here (about a mile or less) and about 5 hours south of Platon Sanchez. Over the past couple years Uncle Miguel has gotten the nickname “Tio Cocodrilo” (Crocodile Uncle) from us. He’s a fisherman by trade, but since the waters in this area are crocodile waters, he’s a crocodile hunter, too by default. It was rainy while we were there and we were only able to do one service on Wednesday afternoon in a house up the street.

     On Thursday we loaded up again and we drove about six more hours south to the town of Temascal, Oaxaca. Lalo & Michelle and their kids Ezra & Hattie are our missionaries in this area and they live on the island of La Isla Del Vejo Soyaltepec (Old Soyaltepec Island). Lalo & Carlos (our friend & boat driver) met us in Temascal and we all went to the lakeshore and loaded half of our people & stuff onto the Dayspring boat and Carlos took them over to the island. The rest of us got the vans parked and we waited our turn. It was about 8:00PM when we all were on the island hanging hammocks and getting settled into our places. The island is mostly a jungly mountain inhabited by Mazateco Indians. The Dayspring property is down kind of close to the boat docks, but the main part of the village is on the top of the mountain, including Javier’s house. We made the climb up to the top on Friday and Saturday where we evangelized and did kids’ services both days out in front of Javier’s house.
     Right now everyone is still on the island and will be until Wednesday when we move to Areli’s village, but that’s a story for the next week’s blog. For now you can read the newsletters below from Adan & Skylar and check out the picture set from this past week at 2015 DMT Outreach Photos – Week Two. God bless and stay tuned because we’ll be back…


On Thursday we all arrived at the island with all our stuff. On Friday May 1st we did a children’s service up at Javier’s house. Quite a few kids came and I got to know several new people and members of Javier’s family. On Saturday we went up the mountain again. We evangelized all morning, going door to door and then we had another kids’ service. On Sunday morning we had a united service at the church on the Dayspring property with the brothers from the island and also the brothers from Arroyo Tigre. It was a great week with our brothers in Christ.

God Bless

Outreach has been fun and challenging all at the same time! We have been traveling a lot, going to different places. We are on the island this week. We are all sleeping on our hammocks outside, inside the church (the church doesn’t have walls, only a thatch roof). It’s fun being outside and living like we are. We have been climbing a mountain to go up to a different part of the island. It’s not easy, but once you hit the top there’s a beautiful view. It’s a struggle getting up the mountain for me. These people do it every day, though. This being my third trip to Mexico, I’m still learning so much about the culture. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us!


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